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Test/QA Engineer ID:208


· Develop Test, Pytest Test Framework, Test tools and Test documentation

· Analyze requirement, give feeedback from development/Test perspective and help Scale up customer specific eye tracker integration

· "Release handling" - Execute test case and discuss the release of the products with stakeholders

· coordinate the data collection for new customer integration

· Bug reporting and do the potential fix.


· Test/QA engineer with Embedded software development experience.

· Experience with Jira, Github, python is a must. (experience with C++ and sensor technology is merit)

Önskemål om personliga drag

· Have good communication and analytical skills, since the team has constant communication with other teams for aligning the release to the customer

· The person should also have ability to work independently, because the team is small and there are not many people to share the responsibility on.

Kort beskrivning av team

· A small cross-functional team that has constant communication with other teams, and have constant customer release responsibility.

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